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Jet Rewind releases ‘Stereo’.

Stereo by Jet Rewind is a reminder of how music can help us live life the way we were meant to. This catchy tune with amazing vocals has found a place in my heart. I say turn it up loud! 


Jet Rewind is a function on an old VHS-player that allows you to rewind tapes within 60 seconds. For the band Jet Rewind, that symbolizes a certain nostalgia and a dream to go back to something long forgotten.

Based out of Stockholm, Samuel Heiligers (vox), Johannes Palmroos (bass), Zeke Beckman (guitar) & Adam Tronelius (drums) craft straight forward indie pop of yesteryear.

The band’s latest single “Stereo” is about making discoveries about yourself and how that can correlate to music, about giving in to the trip and turn up the volume, turning up the volume could mean living as your true self.

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