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“Know It All” is the latest song from Swerve.

Alternative Rockers Swerve have released a song to be sung to those people that say such rubbish but they won’t admit that they could be wrong. I like lyrics like ‘I don’t understand your question’. This is a song for me as I am not a happy debater. As well as it’s meaning the song is awesome to listen to! 


Vocalist Greg Mahdesian says on the track, “Know It All is our fight song. You know those arguments you have where you just can’t get it through to the other person how wrong they are? These days it’s usually about politics, and this song came out of several of those discussions that go nowhere but that you just can’t let go of. Our good friend Jessica Rotter laid down some backing vocals to add extra dynamics, and Brandon (our bassist and producer) got me all riled up before the vocal so that I would give a more aggressive take than normal, and we’re really happy with how it all came together.”

Swerve is a four-piece indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Crafting melodic, guitar-driven tunes, singer-songwriter Gregory Mahdesian leads the band with a vision of staying true to the foundations of alt-rock. Together with local musicians Ryan Berti on guitar, Brandon Duncan on bass, and Mark Gardner on drums, Swerve creates songs reminiscent of the Britpop and Grunge movements with a modern sensibility and a healthy dose of their Californian personalities. Swerve made their official debut last fall with a self-titled EP release which lent to rave reviews; “the band has quickly created a memorable sound,” describes PureVolume. Swerve is currently performing locally while recording a second EP, expected for release by the end of this year.


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