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Like Wolves is Gabriel Vargas latest release. Check out the acoustic version here.

Gabriel Vargas has released an amazing acoustic version of ‘Like Wolves’. Sometimes a song can’t be improved on however in this case I like the acoustic version of ‘Like Wolves’ better than the original. Gabriel’s voice is showcased in this spine tingling version. I encourage you to take a listen below. 



Like Wolves is all-encompassing, and it’s not often that a song that carries such weight is put out into the world. The music itself is superb – alternative indie at its finest – yet it is so much more than the sum of its musical parts, as Vargas explains, Like Wolves is not only a single release in the physical sense but also a cathartic release spiritually and emotionally…it feels like slowly removing the bandage of an old wound – the marks of the past are still there, but there is a newfound strength and hope for the future.” Vargas also opens up about the deeply personal influence behind the song, saying, Initially, it was written about a disagreement I had with my mother, which really was a by-product of a much larger energetic shift and recalibration happening within my family.  In 2009 my step-father committed suicide and that had thrown the family dynamic into a bit of a tailspin whereby other revelations came to surface…including that of sexual abuse, of which I and my sister were directly affected by (I prefer not to use the word “victim” as it implies helplessness and it is something which has now been integrated and transformed into “empowerment”). So, this whole period really required the stripping away of a facade which had been outwardly projected as a “picture perfect family” …and with that came the inevitable arguments and disagreements, as we all went through a metamorphisis both collectively and individally. For me, this whole process conjured up the spiritual image of fire and the burning of the old to welcome the new…and understanding the “wolves” that we each hide behind..which was based on an old Cherokee Proverb Two Wolves.”


Gabriel Vargas, is someone who decided in his music, as in his life, not to be tied down to definition or restricted by instruments. Instead, he is collaborating with other talented musicians in different musical styles, and artists from different mediums, to see what is produced in those moment-to-moment interactions.

I think that choice of association mirrors life. As artists, when we consciously select who we co-create with, magic happens. And those people change as we go on our various pathways. This dance can be profound, and that’s what I want to recreate”, Gabriel surmises.

The journey he is on is a genre-bending trip of epic proportions. He uses his art as a vehicle for us all to embrace the sum of our parts, and it is this which forms the pinnacle of his musical repertoire.

And at this point in his career, he feels like anything is possible.

As a performer and as a human being, I am exploring the power of sound as a means of healing, hearing and expression. It is celebrating vulnerability and the process of learning. In a broader context, that is the nature of human experience”.

There is a rawness to his viewpoint, and one which uncovers a man of true integrity, incredible imagination and real magic.

From electro to atmospheric, alt rock, anthemic beats, tribal elements, storytelling and some theatrical rock thrown in for fun, Gabriel is sure to blow your musical mind and trickle through to its inner most secret rooms.

Gabriel’s musical experience is vast. He has headed up bands such as Gasoline Inc. and Veludo, which saw him supporting acts such as rock icons INXS, and The Feelers, and having his song Superstar picked up by the AFL (Australian Football League).

As Eckhart Tolle says, “music creates a bridge for people to move out of thinking and into presence”.

And Gabriel is undoubtedly holding up the musical mirror to reflect what we are going through, combining different sounds with the intention to shed light on the darkness, and to expose the ultimate exquisiteness in both.

Beauty is universal – it crosses cultures, language, and experience. Gabriel creates the interconnection of all these through music and his cultural diversity, connecting back to his Brazilian roots, and honouring his position as a global citizen, unbound by physical location.

Gabriel believes that music is multi-facetted, like a prism, and he is pushing the boundaries to see what comes from his curiosity.

We all have a story to tell, and are traveling our own path. However, life is an adventure and we connect at different points to co-create a new chapter together. Music is the vessel to share these observations, and that is bigger than me”.

Gabriel’s music is definitely a celebration of imagination and infinite potential.

And with a ferocious dedication to music, he is creating a new wave of revolutionary intonation with a heartfelt, and a very real, foundation.

He is also redefining the characterisation of a live music experience, and has big plans to expand his performances into multi-dimensional encounters, for the ears, eyes, mind and spirit.

Our lives include peaks and troughs, depths, emotions, joy, and different states of being. Gabriel is coming at you with wide-open arms, presenting a soundtrack to those different facets of each we make.

With a vision to create music that unites, backed up by a massive sound, Gabriel is making a big mark.

And Gabriel is the genre-bender with a big heart, heading up the movement to cross boundaries, and come together as one.

His music is a unique opportunity to sit in conscious presence and discover the nature of reality itself.

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