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Vian Izak’s new creation ‘Starlit Summer’s Eve’ is out now.

When you have two brothers that are super talented, one in music, the other in artwork if they are so inclined to put their heads together and create, magic can happen. This is the case for brothers Vian and Hein. Northern Anthems is an invitation to the world of creativity that is Vian Izak. Listening ‘Starlit Summer’s Eve’ is like taking a blissful journey.  I encourage you not only to listen to this song but to follow them on Spotify for so much more!

Over the past year, brothers Vian and Hein have created a world comprised of Music, Artwork and Family. With the release of their debut album, an exclusive world first collaboration with Spotify, and 7 million streams in 2017, they are welcoming and inviting everyone to come and explore their world.



Here is the link for the whole album.


Physical Comic Pre-Order Link:

Web Comic:

Nashville – March 23, 2018 marks the release of a lifetime of work. Vian Izak, comprised of brothers Vian and Hein, is a multimedia indiepop project. Born in South Africa, they moved to the United States at the ages of 7 and 6. At an early age the brothers were drawn to the arts. Vian gravitated toward music, and Hein to visual arts. While adjusting to a new culture, language and country, the brothers often created fantasy worlds that they could live in and populate with no limits but their imaginations. Now twenty years later the brothers are applying the same principles to their artistry and have created a world for their project to live in. From the rich soundscapes and anthemic choruses of their brand of pop music, to the album artwork and their own webcomic series, Vian Izak has built an entire world around their project. Their debut album, “Northern Anthems,” is an open invitation to the public to join them in their world.

Over the past year, Vian Izak has built an online fan base with success on multiple streaming platforms. The project has accumulated over 7 million streams on Spotify with over a dozen official playlist placements. Also, the lead single of Northern Anthems, “Starlit Summer’s Eve” was nominated for an Independent Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Song this year. They also released the first ever webcomic collaboration with Spotify. The comic, titled “Vian Izak’s Adventures ( ), was debuted on comic news giant Newsarama ( ) and Spotify is distributing printed versions of the comic to Izak’s top fans on the platform.

“Northern Anthems” will be released on March 23, 2018, along with the release of a physical version of the comic book and a US/Canada tour.




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