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Sampson releases a new single ‘Damned’.

Sampson’s recent offering ‘Damned’ explores being stuck in a relationship and each way out comes with consequences. Written at a song camp with two of her friends Sampson takes a look at a complex problems of being in a relationship. This was written at a very young age and her maturity shines through in the end product that is ‘Damned’.


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I’ve grown up a lot throughout the making of my new record, Dark Sky Night – I started writing some of these songs when I was 15 years old. It captures a point in my life when I went from being a kid to being an adult (sort of), which consisted of many existential crises resulting in an overload of metaphors about stars, the sky, and the night. Eventually, every question I asked ended with who am I? and why am I here? As transitional as Dark Sky Night was for who I am, many (if not most) of the songs on the record are about those closest to me. That’s what makes it so special for me – I get to keep the memories of moments with these people for a little longer.

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