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Them Swoops release their second single this year ‘Summer Daze’.

‘Summer Daze’ is the latest offering from Them Swoops this year. It is a bitter sweet trip down memory lane with the music video being the only moving images of the sing of the group, Dave’s Mother. She passed away from Cancer at the age of 27. This song and video is a great way of Dave sharing this story. You can also see his Dad playing football. ‘Summer Daze’ is a catchy tune with a great bassline. 




About Them Swoops

After success in 2012/13 with their singles ‘Work Around It’ and ‘Too Fast for Love’, Australian band Them Swoops released their debut EP ‘Glimmers’ amidst national and international touring and widespread satellite radio exposure in America. 

2016 saw the release of further singles ‘Into The Atmosphere’ and ‘Alright For Me’, the latter proving to be their most successful song to date. 

2018 has the band releasing more new material, starting with ‘Daydream’ in February and the soon to be released ‘Summer Daze’ in early April.


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