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‘I Wanna Go’ by Ellogram is out now!

Ellogram has released his single ‘I Wanna Go’. This is the second collaboration with Lauren Ruth Ward, their first release being “Come Home” (2016). I love the catchy beat of ‘I Wanna Go’ and the sweet vocals of Lauren takes this song to the next level. Add this to your dance playlist and get into the groove that is ‘I Wanna Go.




Ellogram could’ve gone pro. At the young age of 16, he was steps away from catching a deal with the majors, a gig that could’ve relegated music to a dusty old hobby in mom and dad’s basement, while he scored the big bucks out on the playing field. However, Ellogram was never a slave to convention, and instead dropped out of weekly team practice to play guitar. Fast-forward a few years and Shane was fronting St. Leonard’s, a Sydney-based rock band that would end with the dawning of Shane’s true love for electronic music. Detached from the frenzy for mainstream success and untethered to the hard-and-fast trends of the Sydney electro scene, Ellogram fuses everything from Deftones to Smashing Pumpkins to Deadmau5, collapsing years of stylistic interplay into a focused body of work with its heartbeat in collaboration. His first effort with L.A. rock singer Lauren Ruth Ward catapulted his catalog onto the electro blog radar, and while he’s not designing circuitry for his own signature analog tape echo (available later this year), he’s pouring his heart into a vocal demo with nothing but a SM-58 and a knack for first takes.  




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