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Natalie Carolan embraces frailty in music video ror “I Won’t Move”

22 April 2018 — Melbourne singer-songwriter Natalie Carolan has emerged from an extended break with the music video for her harmonizing new single I Won’t Move; a track about vulnerability and frailty, laden with labored piano and stellar vocals.

I Won’t Move is the first release from Natalie in over twelve months, it marks amaturation in her songwriting; a self-recognition that she feels has taken a long time to earn.

I Won’t Move was written in a haze of angst, at a time I had met someone that I wanted to get to know better but I was terrified of the worst case scenario,” said Natalie.

This new stride is showcased in the confident production of I Won’t Move, a track that is most definitely more than the sum of its parts.

“The song has some honestraw combinations, including squeaky piano pedals andvulnerable lyrics and vocals with full blown production backdrops, which is the sort of musical marriage that inspires me,” said Natalie.

“I enlisted the help of Luke Howard on piano and Gareth Thomson added the drumparts. They both of them helped sculpt the overall production the track,” said Natalie

“Her songs of perseverance and desperation… should have Natalie Carolan on the path to being recognized as one of not just Melbourne’s but Australia’s emerging songwriting talents.”
Ben Young – The Revue

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