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Esther Hazy release ‘Ducks in a Line’.

‘Ducks in a Line’ by Esther Hazy takes me back to the 90’s indie rock sound. I like the line “I maybe crazy but I have my ducks in a line” as it could be my mantra. Something about having everything organised but still being a little crazy is how I feel or how I want to feel.  This catchy tune really got under my skin but in a good way. I kept singing it long after I first listened to it. Watch the music video below. 


Following the ending of Montreal psyche-blues band Young Dogs in 2017, Ed Denton (vocals, guitar) and Paul Lucyk (vocals, guitar) and Neil “Sug” Robinson started Esther Hazy, a more laid back indie rock group drawing inspiration from 90’s alternative rock such as Radiohead and Jeff Buckley as well as modern indie bands such as Alt J and Grizzly Bear. Originally playing with Oliver Martins (ex-Forest Frontier leader) on drums, his move to Ottawa led to his replacement by Walid Moon in early 2018. The band is about to release their debut EP Live At The Paintshop in 2018 followed by an LP later in the year.

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