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Plàsi releases new single ‘Vienna’.

‘Vienna’ by Plàsi is the 7th part of his debut album. Plàsi means creation in Ancient Greek. Plàsi is the creative genius that has formed his own unique style.  ‘Vienna’ was written on a plane, bus and subway in Vienna on a trip back after spending a semester of studying there. This nostalgic, thoughtful song is a beautiful masterpiece. I adore the whistling, it adds depth and enjoyment for the listener. Check it out below.



More about Plàsi

Plàsi is the Swedish singer-songwriter who has passed 13 million streams on Spotify and whose artist name means “creation” in Ancient Greek. Creation is an element that is present all through Plàsi’s life in the form of passion for songwriting and for other creative innovations and endeavors. He has also managed to create his own sense of musical style, one that feels stripped back and genuine.
“Vienna” is the seventh part of Plàsi’s gradual debut album, that’ll be fully released in the beginning of June. With a more upbeat and uplifting tone than ever, Plàsi delivers a nostalgic spring soundtrack that he wrote on an airplane, on a subway and on a bus.
“When I was studying, I went to Vienna for an exchange semester. A couple of years later, I went back for a reunion and during the trip, I wrote ‘Vienna’. I wrote the lyrics on the airplane, came up with the whistling part on the bus and parts of the melody on the subway. People must’ve thought that I was crazy when I stood alone on the subway, recording melody snippets on my phone. I just stood there humming by myself…” Plàsi says and laughs. He continues:
‘Vienna’ is like traveling back in time for a bit, and I think everyone can relate to feeling nostalgic about a certain part of their life that felt a bit like a dream world, or like a completely different life. Especially if you’ve lived abroad for a bit. In your mind, that place will always be connected to the person that you were back then.”
Built up by Plàsi’s melodic whistling and rhythmic acoustic guitar, ‘Vienna’ is a feel-good, cinematic piece that takes you back in time.

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