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Matt Westerman releases new single “Don’t Give Up On You.”

“Don’t Give Up On You.” by Matt Westerman is inspiring. It helps us to us to be resilient and love who you are. Musically it is as beautiful as it is lyrically. Actually the word beautiful sums up this song perfectly. Take a listen and consider how much you worry about what others think of you. It is very liberating not to stress about it! 



More about Matt Westerman

Southern California based singer/songwriter Matt Westerman just released his latest music video, “Don’t Give Up On You.” The song is from Westerman’s debut EP, “Life Out Loud” which received glowing reviews from Huffington Post, Substream Magazine, and many other outlets. Atwood Magazine called the tune “A finely felt out piece of musical poetry that comes from the heart and speaks from the heart.”

“Don’t Give Up On You” is a song about believing in yourself and not letting your inner critic or other people’s opinions drag you down,” Westerman shares. “It is about tapping into the beauty of who you really are and owning it.” The video is directed by Ryan Sheehy and stars Candice Fox as a dancer looking to overcome her demons and reignite her love for her craft. It was shot in a downtown Los Angeles dance studio with a red camera. The video will be released in May in honor of mental health awareness month.

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