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We Can Learn Much From Andrew W. K.


The one thing I have made note of this festival season is the reality that Andrew W.K. is a force of nature.  Having seen him in the media area both at Welcome to Rockville and Carolina Rebellion, he enchants the media with a positive “party” attitude.  One thing is for certain, no one who speaks to him leaves the interview with nothing but an uplifted feeling.

As the headline reads, we can learn much from him.  In life we get what we give.  If we walk around with feelings of uncertainty, guilt, sadness and negativity, that is exactly what we get back.  People reflect on us what we project.  In the music industry lately there have been serious tragedies which only serve to enhance the oppressive feelings.  There is so much pressure on musicians to make it in an over saturated world, it’s no wonder those feelings consume them.

When Andrew W.K. came to sit down to his interview it was completely unexpected.  I had been turned down due to time constraints just days prior.  His tour manager, on the other hand, was kind enough to give the extra few minutes left over to me.  The unfortunate part was no camera operator in site.  I was literally all alone in the that area of the press tent.  What to do?  Well, I propped that camera on my shoulder and went for it.  The result? Andrew W.K. interviewing ME for the first couple of minutes.  I suspect he figured out quickly how awkward I felt and made sure to pull me out of my funk.  After that, it went swimmingly.  Why wouldn’t it.  This guy is not only a musician, but and experienced lecturer.


This is what we should all do for each other daily.  Lift each other up, make the best of the awkward moments, and be able to have a little fun, even if it’s with a total stranger.  Let’s follow his example and bring the world up, one party at a time.

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