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HiRSH release new single ‘The Well’.

‘The Well’  is the new single from HiRSH’s new EP Going, out on June 29th. I really like his song as the vocals and the lyrics are connectable. I often get a feeling of de ja vu of having a certain conversation with someone that is just not important. Beau Hirshfield  the vocalist, a super talented vocalist I must add, tells us his thought on the songs meaning “You know when you’re having a conversation with someone about something mundane and you realize ‘oh my god I’ve had this same exact conversation 17 thousand times and I actually could not care any less about any of it.’ Is this the matrix? Is any of this real? Im fine. No really I’m fine. How are you?” I definitely  get that feeling and it is usually at work. Take a listen and see what you think about ‘The Well’.


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