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The Protest: A Band With a Cause


The Protest- The band with a cause

When Josh Bramlett called in to interview, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.   With The Protest, it’s quite a bit more subtle.  One thing is clear: In a world where everything and everyone is in our face with a huge agenda, this band puts their music first.  Their message is in a form that comes to you almost subliminally.  According to Bramlett, they talk a bit about religion, but try to reach everyone without alienating them.  They are “four dudes who have a positive message” and “it is a soft sell because the last thing we want to do is turn people away”.  They want people “craving hope or light in a world that can be dark ” to be comfortable.

It seems to be working for them.  Their song “Big Blessing” went as high as number three and became a crossover hit.  This is due in part to their “80’s melodic influences, including Kiss”.  Bramlett says from his first experience hearing Kiss he “just wanted to be in a band”.  He began guitar lessons at the age of twelve.  After high school he “just went for it”. It seems to be working out great.  The new album Legacy hit stores on July 13th to great review.  Physical copies are available at bricks and mortar retail stores, Mom and Pop stores.  Bramlett prefers hard copies and especially prefers vinyl albums and agrees they are making a comeback.

The new single, “What Else You Got” has been the most successful single thus far. The self-proclaimed Road Warriors who play up to 150 dates per year, are about to head out on a string of headlining dates and festivals.  This includes Move the Hills Festival in Logan, Ohio, Uprise Festival in Shippensburg, PA, and Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.  Not too bad for a guy whose roots and family are firmly planted in Indiana.  Other members live elsewhere, but Bramlett feels his family ties allow him to “accomplish anything”, and while “a band may not last forever, family does”.  Also, with the ease of travel and the internet, the members stay connected.  They record in Nashville, and a week prior to tour (they) get together to rehearse and all bets are off”.

I predict great things for them and I look forward to connecting with them on the road for a complete show review and photos.  To find out where you can see them, or for just more information, connect with them below.  Get out there and support live music!



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