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The Adults are heading to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this September to launch their new LP, “HAJA”

“Toogood has turned the screws on these tracks so tightly that many of them would feel at home on any dance floor in the world. Divorced from any preconceptions concerning the hard rock pedigree of the Adults band leader, this unique musical marriage instead will be assessed on its considerable merits.” The Australian

Jon Toogood’s THE ADULTS are heading to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne this September to launch their new LP, “HAJA” available now via Warner Music.

With a fluid cast of collaborators helmed by Shihad frontman Toogood, this live incarnation of THE ADULTS includes electric-blue witch hop pioneer Estère (who features on the album’s first single, ‘Bloodlines’), hip hop artist / rapper Raiza Biza (who’s found on the second single ‘Boomtown’ & album cut ‘That Gold’), drummer Ben Lemi of Trinity Roots and jazzy guitarist / vocalist Emily C. Browning.

After releasing an album with Shihad in 2014, Jon began to search for ideas for the second chapter in the critically acclaimed Adults journey, eventually gathering inspiration from his wedding in Khartoum, Sudan and the traditional music, Aghani-Al-Banat, performed as part of the ceremony.

Much like the first Adults album, HAJA features an exciting cast of collaborators, including upcoming New Zealand artists Chelsea Jade, Estère, JessB, Miloux, and Raiza Biza, along with the award-winning Aaradhna and recent breakthrough artist Kings.



                 EAST COAST TOUR 2018:


Friday September 7th             The Brightside                        BRISBANE                  QLD
Saturday September 8th         The Landsdowne                   SYDNEY                       NSW
Sunday September 9th          Northcote Social Club             MELBOURNE             VIC



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