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Marlon Chaplin releases single ‘A Single Drop’.

Canadian Marlon Chaplin has dropped a new single ‘A Single Drop’. After success with two other singles of his upcoming album called ‘The Circle’ and his debut EP ‘Wanderer By Trade’ he has be able to release this gem of a song. He has spent the last year busily writing this album. With ten tracks mixed by Chris Shaw and mastered by Joao Carvalho it really is one to listen to. Chaplin writes “The theme of the music and artwork centres around ideas of a cyclical nature. Be it social, economic, spiritual or technological. It’s about growth, birth, death and everything in between.” I like the uniqueness of the vocals and the rock n’ roll depth. There is so much variation music and vocals. I love that. After reading Chaplin’s quote I find that I am understanding the song so much more. Check out ‘A Single Drop’ here.

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