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Icon For Hire drop insanely excellent single ‘Brittle’.

Anyone punk pop fan will adore Icon For Hire’s latest track called ‘Brittle’. This track is from their album ‘Amorphous’. The first attribute that I found from the song was the strength and brilliant vocal sound of Ariel Bloomer. The intensity and passion she sings with is admirable. Secondly I noticed the supporting music, that match the vocals so well and built up and up each chorus. Thirdly, and for me what I will associate with Icon For Hire for ever is the incredible lyrics. They blew me away. I will let you know some but the impact of them won’t be felt unless you listen to the song itself. They call me damaged, I let them think what they like, they call me difficult as I don’t fit in the lines, but I did not get this far without any scars, well I did not get this far without any scars.”

It has been a while since I have heard a pop punk song of this high calibre. Please take a listen and share the song far a wide!


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