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GHOSTT BLLONDE release debut single ‘Falter Ego’.

Disco-twang pop band GHOSTT BLLONDE from North Carolina have released a brilliantly unique song called ‘Falter Ego’. I love quirky songs and this one is certainly no exception. They have a Ball Park Music tinge to them in sound and uniqueness.  I adore the bass as it lays the basis for the vocalist Marc Kuzio to do his sassy thing. I like that musically and vocally you really don’t know what is going to happen in the next bar let along verse. I admire GHOSTT BLLONDE for doing something different, taking risks to be themselves and I think they have nailed it. Love this song!  Imagine it live! ‘Falter Ego’ is the first release from their upcoming record ‘Birthday Party’. I can’t wait  for this as it is said to be a 70’s influenced pomp of strutting sass and energy! In the meantime listen to ‘Falter Ego’ on repeat.



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