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Anson Seabra releases new single ‘Robyn Hood’.

  • Hit prediction! Best acoustic song of 2018 I have heard!

‘Robin Hood’ is a perfect showcase for Anson Seabras incredible vocals. Anson is an artist that lives and breathes to be a musician. His sound is four genres mixed together, acoustic, pop, indie and folk. To say that his songs are relatable does not do ‘Robin Hood’ justice. I remember the first time I listened I could not believe how I connected to this song.  With cleverly written lyrics that are memorable such as ‘I gave you all I had to lose, my skin, my soul, my finest jewels, you stole it all for someone new, Now you gave away the best of me, my sins, my sweetest ecstasy to someone less than me now you are my Robin Hood. Powerful stuff. This is how I felt after one of my relationships broke up.  Incredible!


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