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To celebrate Hellions long-awaited fourth album Rue on October 19 via UNFD, the band have announced three exclusive release week shows along the East Coast.

Revered for their explosive live shows, Hellions will bring their splendour and riotous joy to intimate rooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney where they will showcase songs from Rue – their widescreen, technicolour masterpiece. Hellions will release a limited-edition vinyl variant of Rue exclusive to this tour. Tickets on sale now from

Alongside the tour announcement, Hellions have revealed the video for their current single “Smile”. The song is a dynamic, upbeat tune built around the refrain ‘I’m ready to run, are you ready?’ that provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the depth of our interactions in the digital age.

Interminable entertainment:
a dozen poses and a soapbox
cheap and sedative stimulation
coming at an almighty cost.

“Our Director, Aimee-Lee X. Curran, her crew and our cast really helped bring those words and the meaning behind the song to life. It was a pleasure to create and we are ecstatic with the result. The little details in our hero, Danica Burch, and our ballroom casts performances were paramount in bringing this all together. Thank you to everyone involved for such a pleasant and professional experience. We hope Hellions fans enjoy the video for ‘Smile’ as much as we all enjoyed making it!” – Anthony Caruso (drummer/vocalist/co-writer) and Matt Gravolin (guitar/vocals/cowriter).

How can we overcome our struggles with one another if we don’t fully understand the one raging inside ourselves? It’s this very question Hellions explore on Rue and there’s never been a better time for an album that explores this tussling duality the band describe as “the co-existence of a Jekyll and Hyde operating within a person at any one time”.

The tracks on Rue are divided into the ‘pessimistic’ and ‘humanitarian’ sides of life, and build upon the marriage of theatrical dynamics and thoughtful lyricism that defined the genre-melding Australian quartet’s critically acclaimed previous offering, 2016’s third collection Opera Oblivia. The resulting record is deeper and darker, with melodies that are more beautiful, and riffs that are more seismic.

Hellions – Rue is available for preorder via 24Hundred and iTunes. “Smile” is out now and available on all streaming services.

Hellions – Rue is out October 19 via UNFD.

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