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Jen reviews Ghostt Bllonde’s new album ‘Birthday Party’.

Looking for some new music? Some insanely awesome music? Check out Ghostt Bllonde’s new album called ‘Birthday Party’ that has just been released. Feel good songs, tunes to get your foot tapping and memorable melodies are just some of what this album entails. They have promised 70’s influenced pomp of strutting sass and energy in this album. Intriguing!

I first heard Ghostt Bllonde when they submitted ‘Falter Ego’ via submithub about a month ago. After one listen I was hooked to their quirky sound. (If you would like to read my review you can read it here.) I started listening to the album ’Birthday Party’ after realising that Ghostt Bllonde has a sound that I really liked. I would love to write a full on review but that is not my style. Here are the highlights from the album.

The title track ‘Birthday Party’ I actually think for me is my fav song off the album. For now! With rolling deep drums to kick off the song, to a catchy tune. I can tell that Ghostt Bllonde has chosen well to have this song as the title track. A fun song.

Track 3, ‘Falter Ego’ makes me take back that ‘Birthday Party’ is my fav off the album. I adore this song. I mean the hooky guitars and smooth vocals and the way the song makes me feel makes me want to listen over and over again. With cleverly written lyrics such as the opening line ‘Feeling like the exoskeleton of a life of someone else’ assisted me to connect to the song. I mean I feel sometimes that I don’t feel like myself but a version of me that someone else wants me to be.

I like albums being on band camp. Most artists submit the lyrics as well as the song. It is easier to connect to the song I find if I can read the lyrics as well as listen. Listening to ‘Slow Talk’, track 5 while following the lyrics allowed me to understand that it is about falling in love when we least expect it. That happened to me with a good friend of mine so again relatable. Other highlights of this album is track 8, ‘Night Lines’. The guitar in this song is AMAZING!

I think if you have read the above paragraphs you have worked out that I really admire Ghostt Bllonde. I think this Album is a solid release. Both lyrically and musically this album really stands out for me far above the crowd of album releases this month. It does offer 70’s influenced pomp of strutting sass and energy!  Do yourself a favour and take a listen!

You can order a Vinyl copy of ‘Birthday Party here. Keep in touch with all Ghostt Bllonde news here on Facebook. 

If you live in or near North Carolina you can attend the release party. More details here. 


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