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‘Devil On My Shoulder’ is the latest single from Arts Fishing Club.

Christopher Kessenich is the singer songwriter behind the Arts Fishing Club. He has made some massive personal commitments to spend his life being a musician and has overcome some hurdles to do so. After moving to Nashville for College he recorded a solo EP and started the search for band members for his band that he had envisioned. He found Matthew Siffert (Bass), Peter Eddins (Keys/Sax), and Jimi Greene (Lead Guitar). The four began to plan their debut album, Human. The writing of this took over 4 years. The had a mission  “to help people ask the difficult questions of themselves and society, to articulate love (the good and the bad), and to get people to dance.” ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ was written after Christopher saw a reflection of himself in a window and started thinking that it could be a ghostly version of his soul and what he would say to it. He took a hard look at himself to take responsibility of his life and how he can be happy. ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ is not only a reflective song but goes much further. It helps the listener to ask questions of themselves…. which is number one of Arts Fishing Club mission. Take a listen to this song with the amazing vocals of Christopher Kessenich here. 

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