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Johnny Gates releases music video for ‘Brooklyn Nights’.

You can watch the music video for ‘Brooklyn Nights‘ by Johnny Gates. I adore this song so I did not hesitate to share the music video. It is filled with flashback to when all was good in his relationship. The scene is set for the meaning of the song, the memories of what could have been. The best part is watching while you can listen to Johnny’s amazing vocals. The last few seconds of the video are quite emotional so watch to the end. You can read my original review below. 

“‘Brooklyn Nights‘ Johnny Gates is the first song that Johnny has ever written by himself. With many years in the music industry he has always been in bands or co written songs. ‘Brooklyn Nights’ is a perfect showcase for Johnny’s amazing vocals. This is a personal song for Johnny, written about memories shared with someone that he thought he would spend his life with. Even knowing that, listening to the song it feels like a private moment with Johnny. His vocals are so full of emotion and lyrics so meaningful and sad really. Take a listen here and see what I mean. “

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