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We are stoked to Premiere Brooke Lambert’s music video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’.

Today Brooke Lambert releases her music video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’ that has already made a splash on the itune charts. This song is super connectable to me and if you have been through a toxic relationship and often saw it through rose coloured glasses you will relate! Shot at the beach and at a home the video makes the song even more interesting as I feel we see the real Brooke. Check it out below. 

Brooke Lambert has today released the video for her latest single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’, which tackles a toxic relationship that Lambert once found herself in. The single comes from her upcoming EP, due for release in early 2019, and follows the success of her debut EP ‘Right Now’, which came in at #4 on the iTunes Country Chart.

Director of Photography, Daniel Turner, from Head North Films produced the video with Geordie Smith, also from Head North films, coming on board to assist with directing.   Daniel also provided the house in which the majority of scenes were shot, while Geordie played the role of Lambert’s love interest.

It was important to Lambert that the clip be set in a home because, she says, “that’s where all my memories are with the ex that the song is written about. Something I couldn’t get past when it fell apart was that he was never going to be here again, that his side of the bed was always going to be made, that we’d never muck around in the kitchen again. I just kept seeing him around the house, but only in happy memories.”

It wasn’t until Lambert started writing ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’, with Antonina Ward, that the bad memories began to sink in. “How many fights we had, how many times I tried to get him to care about my music or anything I had to say. How many times I would trip or walk into something and laugh just to turn around and see his disgust. All he ever wanted to was play with his stupid Rubik’s Cube and watch TV.”

The beach scenes were shot at The Spit, one of Lambert’s favourite spots to go and think. “It was important for me to include the beach,” Lambert says, “because it’s my favourite place in the world and I wanted everyone to see my home.”

The video is a true reflection of a relationship that, Lambert says, “completely tore me apart and stripped my always bubbly, positive and energetic attitude down to nothing.”  She chose to take it this way because although she’s always been completely raw and honest with her lyrics, she didn’t want to just stop there. She re-enacts a moment in their relationship, about nine months in, when she worked up the courage to tell him that she loved him and he responded with “Oh my god – thank you so much,” followed by a look of shock and “Oh no, I don’t love you.”

It’s a personal inclusion, but as Brooke says, “that is as real as it gets and let’s face it, I’m sassy as hell. Would this really be a Brooke Lambert release if there wasn’t a shameless and honest portrayal of rejection?” The video ends with Lambert writing ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’ and the difference in personality during that last shot is clear. Time has passed, and she can finally see him for who he is. Or was. And at least he gave her the song, she says, “so thank you”.


Catch Brooke Lambert playing ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’ and more on the following dates:

Sunday 18th November – BIN 72 – Coolangatta, NSW

Sunday 25th November – Mr Henderson – Sandgate, QLD

Saturday 22nd December – Rivea Italian Dining – Broadbeach, QLD

Thursday 24th January – Tudor Hotel (w/ Josh Setterfield) – Tamworth, NSW

Friday 25th January – The Longyard (w/ Josh Setterfield) – Tamworth, NSW

Sunday 27th January – The Longyard (w/ Josh Setterfield) – Tamworth, NSW




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