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Sam Johnson has released a new song ‘Building A Home’.

Photo credit: @veeejzilla

Sam Johnson started in the music industry at one of the toughest ways, being a street busker and with a vision that he never faulted from here he is today releasing ‘Building A Home’. His hard work and lessons learnt as a busker and working his way up is still evident in his many performances today. His new single ”Building A Home’ is super catchy and really shows off his vocal sound. This song was released the day after the “Campfire” started in California. This was a coincidence but I am thinking it was meant to be. Sam has friends who have lost houses who can connect to the song. Sam has donated $1000 to the Rebuild North Bay Fund along with Text Me Records. Little emotional for me as my family lost 5 family members in Australia’s worst Bushfire nearly 10 years ago. ‘Building A Home” is a reminder to me that the only thing that is important is the lives not the stuff we think we need. Sam Johnson has a bright future ahead of him and I look forward to seeing that comes next. 

You can listen to ‘Building a Home’ here

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