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Final Gambit release awesome new music video for ‘YOU SOLD OUR CITY’.

Final Gambit are a three-piece punk rock band from Sydney consisting of vocalist/guitarist Nick Burgmann, bassist Lauren Dawson, and drummer Aleksi Monaghan. They have been playing together for over a year but have taken their time before performing any live shows or releasing any music. The band only released their debut single, “She Doesn’t Care”, two months ago. One of the extraordinary reasons for the band’s delay in producing material was drummer Aleksi having to leave for his military conscription in Finland.

Since regrouping in July, the band have wasted no time in delivering their follow up single, “You Sold Our City”. And boy, do they not hold back on their criticisms of the NSW State Government regarding lockout laws, nanny state policing, and the promotion of gambling in Sydney. Frontman, Nick Burgmann, has channeled all his frustrations on the current state of Sydney very bluntly in his lyrics; “You sold our soul to a gambling game”.

“You Sold Our City was a song I wrote to vent my frustrations with the Government of NSW. Their well-documented curfew for profit has irreparably damaged Sydney’s now struggling nightlife. All done to feed the excluded casino foot traffic and secure prime real estate in Kings Cross. It otherwise never would have happened. The power of a noise complaint and the blatant fire sale of Sydney’s culture have me angry and frustrated. But like anything you can complain online or actually do something about it, so I chose to join the conversation.”
Nick Burgmann (vocalist/guitarist)

The single artwork targets NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian as the perpetrator behind a lot of the damage to Sydney’s culture and nightlife.

“We don’t really want to beat around the bush here. We do think Gladys is doing a lot of damage at the moment. Not to forget Barry O’Farell and Mike Baird who were monumental in the early days of the lockout laws and who personally benefit from these lockout laws.”
Nick Burgmann (vocalist/guitarist)

The release of the song comes during heightened discussion of the current state of Sydney, with Gladys Berejiklian allowing the Sydney Opera House to be used as a billboard for The Everest horse race as well as wanting to axe the Defqon 1 Festival. In addition, news has broken recently that Deputy Premier John Barilaro is considering ditching the lockout laws.

November 9: Time and Tide Hotel (supporting The Ravens)
November 30 (You Sold Our City SINGLE LAUNCH): The Petersham Bowling Club


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