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Minor League release new single ‘This is Hectic’.

If you love 90’s rock you will love the new single from Minor League. ‘This is Hectic’ is a song about how summer can an awesome time of the year although at the end there are always transitions of course. For us Aussies, it is only a little over a week until our summer starts so ‘This is Hectic’ is a perfect summer song for us. Minor League is the vision of Houston-based singer/songwriter Jeff Paxton. He wanted to create music that was enjoyable, not too serious and have remnants of the 90’s rock bands. This is evident right from the start of the song of  ‘This is Hectic’. I adore Jeff’s vocals, both in vocal sound and the different accent than I am used to. He is a really great guy too! When I listen to this song it makes me feel great and want to sing it loudly. There is a definite connection between myself and this song. What more can you want from a song! I can’t wait to see what comes next for Minor League. I encourage you to listen to ‘This is Hectic’ and while you are there check out their previous release ‘The Great Southwest‘ and like them on Facebook.

Oh did I mention how much I love this song? I have to make that clear! Listen below to find out for yourself. 

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