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Letters from the Earth release debut single called ‘Fences’.

Letters from the Earth have released two singles to announce their bands arrival. One of them is ‘Fences’ and the other one is “Frank Ghilardi Sends Off a Long-Tenured Employee’. Matt Foster (vocals, guitar) and Ben Hirschfield (guitar, keys, synth) who are the main song writers have already work together for the last ten years are joined by Cameron MacBain (drums), and Morgan Foster (bass). Letters from the Earth’s single ‘Fences’ comes with a deep meaning. It looks at the way humans tend to isolate and fortify themselves. Even though this song was written before the current proposal of Trump’s Border Wall it is relevant and the music video is pertinent. The images of the past walls in Berlin and Gaza really support the meaning of the song. Vocals are great and the music is catchy. I do love a good political song and this is no exception. A solid debut song. Take a listen here. 




IG: @lettersfromtheearth


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