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Old News release single ‘Melatonin Gummy’.

US experimental rock band called Old News are a mixed bunch of jazz-kids-turned-indie-rockers. I love their uniqueness, their sound is different that I have ever heard. They describe themselves as being many genres which is great as I could not decide on which genre they fit into! It is like they have created their own genre. I was intrigued by the song prior to listening as the title ‘Melatonin Gummy’ was interesting.  This single is from their EP called ‘Hands Like Glaciers’. As I write this review it is super early in the morning as i could not sleep. Ironically I got up and listened to this song. ‘Melatonin Gummy’  quirkiness is endearing as well as a damn good song. I love the variation and how this song stood out from the crowd of submissions. Take a listen to ‘Melatonin Gummy’ here. 


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