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Savage After Midnight- Familiar Faces- New Sounds with “11:59”

When my phone rang, and I saw the phone number ( a Nashville one), I put the pieces together immediately.  “Hi Shi, I think I know you.” His reply “Jackson, Mississippi Right?”  Seven years and Shi Eubank is still one of the most memorable people in a long list of artists.  I knew this would be a great interview.

Savage After Midnight has some serious fire power.  They aren’t rookies and they sound fantastic.  On the road recently with Shinedown, Pop Evil, Memphis May Fire and Sick Puppies, it’s easy to see how these power houses are expected to do great things.  “Our single 10 feet tall is in hyper rotation with Sirius XM Octane and in the top 200 US markets.”

This group is more like family than a band.  “Zack was our first drum tech. ” Jeremiah has been around since the beginning as well.  “We had to let go of old (musical) habits and speak the way we want to and actually get along. Eight hundred plus shows and we don’t want to murder each other.  We 100% believe in ourselves.”

Admittedly this latest offering didn’t come easy.  The EP was recorded three times.  However, the third time is the charm.  They were just having a hard time translating their sound to the recording.  “Terry Dade (told us) ‘I picked you because you don’t sound like anyone else'”  Inevitably the originals were just “so clean.  It was hard to keep the heat down with all the cooks in the kitchen. Terry and Colin taught us confidence and maturity. We didn’t have a clear vision (an that) was our fualt. (We) were really adolescent. We matured into the monster we are (and we ) finally got to where we figured it out.  (We) finally found ourselves.  Shi is looking forward to “getting this out and see how it goes”.


Savage Afer Midnight is:
Shi Eubanks– Vocals
Jeremiah Lipscomb– Guitars
James “JT” Thomas – Keyboards, Vocals
Landon Fox – Bass
Zack Pete – Drums

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