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Freedom Fry release two singles “Glory Days’ and ‘Candy’.

Freedom Fry are an independent band but have massive streams on Spotify and radio spins. Their sound and meaningful lyrics have caught the attention of music supervisors, with song placements in the Netflix original series “Love,” in Showtime’s “Shameless,” in TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, and in high-profile ads from fashion labels such as Lanvin. 

The first song I am sharing is called ‘Glory Days’. I connected to this song as I often find myself telling my kids stories of when I grew up and the insane things I used to do. Using footage from their tour with Stromae, Freedom Fry certainly know how to have a good time. The lead vocal sound is exceptional. The music is exceptional. I think I love this song! Check it out here. 

Freedom Fry has also released a new single called ‘Candy’ that is from the ‘Glory Days’ EP. The meaning of this song is about a relationship where there is a more experienced person in regards to what people get up to in a relationship, than another. The music video is scenes from one of my fav movies ‘Breakfast Club’. Check ‘Candy’ out here. 

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