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Suzi Island drop new single called ‘The Real Life’.

Alt-pop trio Suzi Island have released a super catchy energetic song called ‘The Real Life’. I enjoyed my first listen to this song and compared the sound to One Republic, a band I love. Suzi Island have evolved their sound without worry about being stuck in one genre. ‘The Real Life’ is not only a song that worked its way into my head (in a good way!) but has a deep meaning. Frontman Hugh Reilly-Smith says……

“Lyrically it’s about having an urge to feel something. We wrote it when we were about to leave university, so for me the song was a marker for that point in my life where it’s about to get real. Paying bills, trying to earn money – an impending boring life. There’s a need to fight back, but you know that you need to fit into it.”’

We have all gone through a stage in our lives like this. I have been through many and connected to the song on a deep level. Hugh’s vocals are amazing, very smooth yet there is strength behind them. The music is contagious and has a good hook. The band as you can see in the cover photo are positive and happy and I think they would be incredible live. Take a listen to ‘The Real Life’ here. 


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