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Jen chats to Hellions ahead of their 2019 Australian Tour.

Genre-melding rock outfit Hellions are gearing up for their biggest run of Australian headline shows to date this May, stopping off in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with special guests Yours Truly and Dregg lending their support nationally. The band have handpicked some of their favourite Aussie bands to join them along the way including Sleep Talk, The Beautiful Monument, Nautical Mile, Young Lions and Between You & Me.

The Sydney four-piece have come off the back of a massive 2018, which saw the release of their fourth studio album Rue late last year, alongside sold-out shows in Australia and the UK, plus appearances at international festivals Truck Festival, Y Not and 2000 Trees. Showing no signs of slowing down, Hellions blazed into the new year with a dynamic performance at UNIFY Gathering and are raising the bar even higher for 2019 with ambitious plans for their Australian shows:

We are absolutely ecstatic to take Rue on the road for what will be our biggest run of headline shows to date! The Hellions Community is ever growing and our aim is to get as many of you in the same room together, to feel the love we feel and to share with each other what will be some of the best nights of our lives.

The live shows will see us share with you cuts from our latest record, Rue, as well as some old favourites and some songs we haven’t played for a very long time (or ever). It’s the ultimate Hellions set list and the show we’ve always wanted to do!”  – Hellions

General sales via Oztix & Ticketek.

Jen has a chat to Matt about their upcoming tour. 

You guys have a massive tour this year coming up in a few months, heading all over the mainland and even Perth. I am glad to hear that as Perth often miss out on tours. Do you have a solid following there?

Yes, we’re all looking forward to this one. It feels as though it’s been a short eternity since we’ve been to Perth, we’ve had some unforgettable shows there over the years and couldn’t validate excluding WA this time around.

Great to read that you not only touring with Yours Truly and Dregg but also are supporting younger local bands Sleep Talk, The Beautiful Monument, Nautical Mile, Young Lions and Between You & Me to join you. Do you feel some sense of responsibility to the up and coming local bands? What bands supported you this way when you started out?

We don’t necessarily feel a responsibility toward them but we like to give fresh bands a leg-up when we’re able to. It’s important to pay it forward where you can. 

Deez Nuts took us under their wing in a big way when we were starting out, we hit it off with them immediately. The first time we toured with them they promised that they’d take us to Europe, and a couple years later we were sharing a bus with them and Comeback Kid touring Europe.

2018 was a pretty big year for you. Releasing your fourth album (where does the time go!) an Aussie tour and a UK tour. Of course some festivals as well. Was there a highlight of the year for you?

The primary highlight would had to have been Rue’s release day. It took eighty-something studio days and many, many months of writing in a room to get those songs written and completed in the form that you’d recognise today.

Every show of the Australian tour was humbling and there are nights of the UK headline run that I’ll never forget for as long as I’ll live.

I like your aim for this upcoming tour to get as many Hellion’s fans in the same room and feel the love and share some of the best lives of your lives. I think this is an amazing aim, now you have loads of experience touring and of course your fan base ever growing. Is the fan base in Sydney still your largest?

Thanks for the kind words – I think Sydney and Melbourne are just about equal in terms of our listenership and support in general! We’re very lucky in that regard.

Have you been able to play at your fav venues around Australia? If so, can you name some please?

We’ve been fortunate enough to have supported some of the worlds premier heavy acts at large venues all around the country but I speak for all of us when I say that nothing is as exciting as the prospect of headlining the Metro Theatre in Sydney next month, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for years.

Is this tour going to be filled with older songs as well as new?

You’ll have to come and see for yourself!

Ha! Good answer! Teaming up with Beyond Blue is a great thing for a band to do. Knowing musicians that take their own lives, I mean I am still reeling from Kyle’s death from We Came As Romans. More so than ever the issue of mental health needs to be discussed and the message of it is ok to seek help to get out there. Did you decide to do this because of personal reasons as well as the message?

Teaming up with Beyond Blue was Anthony’s idea, and one that we’re all proud of. It was a decision based on understanding and experience, we’ve all had personal struggles with mental health and we’d like to help in any way we can.

I admire that you are making your gigs a safe place for everyone. I feel that it is so disappointing that this even needs to be said. 20 years ago when I was going to gigs nearly every night there was no need to even mention this. How disappointed are you that it is necessary?

It’s exasperating. It goes without saying that we’re all incensed at the prospect of having to make a statement like that, but it is something that we felt was necessary.

Can you please in five words tell fans what your tour is going to be like?

Unlike anything we’ve ever done.

Great answer! 

For more info on Hellions, read on here. 

With four studio albums and an ARIA nomination in their stride, Hellions have gathered millions of streams, winning over fans near and far with their theatrical sound and thoughtful lyricism. Praised for their creative madness and endless ambition, Hellions have rocked global Spotify and Apple Music playlists and earnt themselves regular spins on triple j with colossal tracks like ‘X (Mwah)’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Harsh Light’.

Fellow Sydney siders Yours Truly and Melbourne-based hardcore collective Dregg will join Hellions on their lap around the country. An impressive line-up of handpicked local talent will also jump on stage in each city, including Sleep Talk (ADL), The Beautiful Monument (ADL), Nautical Mile (PER), Young Lions (BRIS) and Between You & Me (MELB).

Hellions have teamed up with mental health organisation Beyond Blue for the tour, and will be donating a portion of ticket and merchandise bundle proceeds sold via 24hundred.  

“Positive mental health is extremely important to us and Beyond Blue are at the forefront of aiming to provide the 3 million Australians living with anxiety and depression, with information and support to help achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.” – Hellions

Fans are in for a memorable night as the band whips around the country, but as always are reminded that Hellions shows are an all-inclusive, safe space:

“YOU are welcome here and encouraged to participate. If at any point you are made to feel uncomfortable, threatened, unsafe or experience any form of anti-social, inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour, please see a member of the venue staff or head to the merch area for assistance. All matters will be dealt with discreetly – your safety and well-being is our #1 priority.” – Hellions


Hellions fan pre-sale tickets are available now. General sales begin this Friday 15 February via Oztix & Ticketek.




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