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Ava Bryant Returns with Pop Anthem ‘I Take It All Back’ 

I encourage you to start listening to Ava’s new single ‘I Take It All Back’ before I tell you her age…..

Now you are listening I would not be surprised if you think I have made a typo when I say that Ava is 15 years old. Musically and Lyrically Ava is talented and confident way beyond her years. ‘I Take It All Back’ is the follow up single from ‘Always You’. If you would like to read my review on that single click here.

Ava explains what that experience was like “Working with Frankie (Jonas) was such a great experience. Working with someone fairly close to my age was a totally new experience, and it was so much fun. He was so easy to work with and knew exactly what I was envisioning for the song.”

I Take It All Back’ is certainly a showcase for Ava’s brilliant vocals. Supported by gentle yet strong guitar, as well as a connectable meaning, I predict that ‘I Take It All Back’ will rise in the charts. Check it out here. 



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