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Troubaduo release single ‘Song for Peace’.

Troubaduo have released a gem of a song that the world needs to hear. Making a return to music full time after a break after Bryson VanCleve and Jill Marie had their first baby in their touring RV called “The Sea Turtle”. Finding interest in growing chemical free produce for a living they left touring life behind until music drew them back in. Armed now with more life experience they return with a great song about peace.This song called ‘Song for Peace’ is a message to the world. This acoustic singer songwriter song really does want to spread it’s message over the world. 

Troubaduo states “Song for Peace” carries a needed message for world peace with lyrics that state, “Paint for unity and love, in spite of hate.” At one point in the song, Jill boldly proclaims how mankind has “crossed the line” with violence, and how we need to “Sing a song for peace”, living a life of preemptive peace no matter what may come.

‘Song for Peace’ is worth listening to not just because of the admirable message but the strong voices that are singing with conviction. The music supports the punchy message with it’s strong guitar and the addition of cello adds depth. 

Troubaduo want this message to be shared and I am super happy to do this as I whole heartedly agree what the world needs peace more so now than ever. 

Check out “Song for Peace” here. 


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