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Vaughan releases his debut single ‘I AM’.

English singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (keyboard, guitar, voice) Vaughan (Thomas Harvey) has just dropped his debut single ‘I AM’. I only needed to listen to half the song before I knew I would share it as not only is it an incredible song to listen to but the meaning is so relatable.

Vaughan states “I was raised in the English countryside of Kent, in a world filled with fenced off gardens and closed minds. I always knew growing up that I wouldn’t be accepted for who I really was, so I hid my sexuality, until that hiding didn’t work anymore and everything that I had repressed became too much.”

I can’t imagine how not being able to be yourself, I have lived a very lucky life. For those that relate to this really needs to listen to this song. The lyrics are very cleverly written and can really assist people who’s sexual preference does not fit into the very narrow minded views homophobes. To me a person is a person and it does not worry me what their sexuality is. 

The music is delightful, it supports the vocals and helps makes this song to have the potential to be a hit. Pretty much this song has it all, and I look forward to seeing how it goes as it deserves to fly up the charts. 


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