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Sean Kennedy releases new single called ‘Young & Depressed’.

Indie artist Sean Kennedy has written an amazing song that made me stop and really think about the lyrics and the meaning of the song. This song was written and recorded in one day which is surprising! Sean has a knack to write songs that people can really impact and take over your thoughts for the duration of the song plus more. I certainly can relate to the spider part in the song. A traumatic childhood certainly has a huge impact on our adult life and we should be allowed to cry and feel sad. ‘Big girls don’t cry’ is mentioned in the song and this is so wrong. If we were allowed to express emotion when we young maybe things would be different now. Few songs make me tear up and this is one of them. Certainly a reflective song on our lives and thinking about my kids lives. Well done Sean, you have written an amazing emotional song that deserves to be a hit. 

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