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Jayden McGrath tells Jen his influences.


Jen asked Jayden his top 5 most influential Artists that has helped Jayden create his amazing music. 


As far as all round emotion, image, songwriting and vibe, I would have to say that Frank does it all for me. Firstly, He is so mysterious. With barely and interviews or social media presents it makes you want to know more and more. The way he presents himself as such a pure heartfelt lyricist is incredible enough, but he takes it one further with his double meanings and mysterious metaphorical content. I have never connected yet been so lost with an artist both musically and lyrically and the way he can jump on any track with any artist and connect is uncanny. When you hear frank in a track you know, it’s him and almost always, you are left wanting more.



From a young age I found myself infatuated with bens raw emotion and storytelling. I don’t know if I’ve ever been inspired by a more diverse artist in my life. Being a fan of Ben pushed me toward acoustic songwriting, lyrical mysticism and genre fluidity. He also inspired me to play lap slide guitar! A truly amazing artist!


So these guys are a relatively new inspiration and treat for me to loose myself to, and that’s exactly what they do. Between the heartfelt strings and storytelling of a 95-year-old man that has lived a rather fulfilling life, this band is actually uncanny to me. Being pulled into so many stages of my life while listening and experiencing emotions that I haven’t felt in years is what they do. I have never cried from sadness then turned tears into joy quite like I have with Gang Of Youths.


Once again, lets talk about someone painting a picture with sound.  In my opinion no one does it better that Bon Iver. Hearing the story of isolation surrounding ‘Skinny Love’ and the way that it is portrayed in the lyrics is truly chilling and to be honest it makes me quite sad. Not in a bad way but in a beautiful way, in a way that can only be connected through our own unique experiences with love, heartbreak and loss of self. His voice is a calming wave that washes over me when I hear it and I can get lost for days without any fear of finding my way home.

  1. DR DRE

Having grown up and spending a good chunk of my life in the U.S.A. , This was one of the first artists I ever got into that really grabbed me. Dre’s ability to write a beat is truly amazing and had me bouncing from a very early age. A lot of the more hip-hop style beats I write are very influenced by this man and I will never forget the impact he has had on my writing. From big beats to hooky synth lines and undeniable bass, what’s not to love!

Check out ‘Conditions’ here



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Innovative upcoming pop artist Jayden McGrath has today announced his debut single Conditions, a fascinating track that explores a feeling of acceptance towards less-than-ideal circumstances in life, out May 31.  The accompanying video to Conditions, made in collaboration with Dave Hunter of Band Factory Digital Media (Drown This City, Captives) and artist Joey Klarenbeek, is a dark, hypnotic reflection of that feeling of strange contentment.  Jayden McGrath will be celebrating the release of his debut single with a headline show at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel on June 7.

Conditions consists of an intriguing concoction of genres; pop, rock, RnB – just to name a few that Jayden dips his toes into on this track.  That’s a lot to work with, but somehow, it just all makes so much sense.  Driving percussion and intricate guitar work in complete harmony with sweeping synthesisers and Jayden’s unique, undeniable vocal.  Conditions is hook after hook, and is sure to get audiences moving and singing along to that killer chorus.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, Jayden says, Conditions is a track that came up for me in a rather dark period of my life.  After some big changes, I started to question the meaning and purpose of my life.  At the time it felt like every step forward sent me two steps back.  Conditions is a kind of morbid acceptance of everything being dull for me at this point in time.  Luckily since then, things have changed!”

The video for Conditions is suitably opaque, set in shadowy hallways and dim, moonlit alleys.  Each scene is punctuated by detailed, animated drawings by Joey Klarenbeek, flickering, momentary, and visually describing the mood of each character in the clip.  Jayden explains, “I came up with the concept for the clip myself.  I’m not sure exactly what I was after at the time, however, I know I wanted to address a dull scenic manner in the shots.  Mainly I was trying to visually address humanity’s lack of connection with one another and being ‘switched off’ from any real and physical interaction.  This is where the emoji drawings come in.  I thought it could be cool to take a visual approach to how things are heading – why talk when you can text right?!  After a few meetings with Dave Hunter, we came up with some more concepts for additional animation and scenes which I’m really glad about.  Without Dave’s input, the clip would not be what it is!

To celebrate the release of Conditions, Jayden will be playing an exclusive show at The Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne on June 7, and fans of this exciting new artist are sure to be in for a treat.  Thrilled to be releasing Conditions and begin this new chapter in his life, Jayden enthuses, “To be honest it feels quite surreal to be releasing Conditions!  It’s been quite a long road for me to get to this point, and I have been lucky enough to accomplish a vague painting of my life through storytelling and songwriting.  I feel like this track, being one of the first tracks I produced as an independent artist, is a fitting opening scene for whats to come from myself in the future.”


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