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Australian born, LA based songwriter Lili Kendall has today announced her divine new single love, herself, out Friday April 26.  love, herself is a serene, blissful track; an ode to love and everything that comes along with the strength of true passion.  Lili has also released a glorious clip for love, herself, sugar-coated and bright, directed by Cole Needham (Shae Jacobs, Cat Spare).  more info below

Jen asked Lili the Female artists she is feeling inspired by at the moment. Check out her answers here. 

Grace  @iamgrace

I grew up with this person next to me, and ended up in the same city doing the same thing. We saw each other grow into the people we are today, and continue to grow together. As she puts its best, we know that part of each other that never changes, that essence that is constant, that’s the soul. 

It’s important to have someone that knows your soul out here, and that’s G for me. She is someone I have admired as a woman, friend and artist for almost 10 years now, and will go down in history as one of the best; an artist that challenged the stereotypes and limitations put on females and creatives in this industry. 

I’m so excited for you to see her next chapter unfold, because it’s beautiful. 


Kehlani  @kehlani

We all just watched this incredibly strong woman kill her new project along with some crazy cinematic visuals for it, all whilst growing and now nurturing her gorgeous baby girl! can we talk about female force… C’monnnnn. 

Lani killed it per usual, I’m proud to have gracious, aligned, open minded women at the top of this sh*t representing us, we need more of it! 


Vita @vjutsen

I’m actually in the studio right now watching this force to be reckoned with in her element. My Australian sister who is also here with me in LA on her own journey, it’s so grounding to have some of my best friends here with me, like a lil piece of home. We have become our own women side by side and I am so proud to see her blossom into this incredible individual she is. She has barely scratched the surface of all the insane things she is going to achieve, and watching her work her ass off and create incredible art I am a fan of, inspires me daily. 

Beyoncé  @beyonce

Where do I even starttttt, I’m always inspired by this woman. But I think we have all recently watched homecoming on Netflix (if you haven’t, what are you doing?) while simultaneously drooling and crying. The dedication and intention this woman puts into her craft, the attention to detail, honestly everything and anything she does… is why she is and always will be the Queen. There will never be another Bey. Try not to hurt yourself. 

love, herself is both wonderously timeless, describing the highs of being in love, and also incredibly modern, with on-the-pulse production reminiscent of SZA and Ariana GrandeLili’s voice glides on love, herself, and she sings with a confidence and assurance well beyond her years.  Speaking about writing the song, Lili reveals, When I was originally writing the song in the studio I was singing ‘I think I am in love with love itself’ – then something came over me, and I just started singing ‘herself’ instead.  It made so much sense to me.  I wanted to bring light to the divine feminine in not only every being but every atom, the collective energy that is love, herself.”

The clip for love, herself feels like a feast – every shot is stunning, meticulously put together, and deeply pleasing to the eye.  Lili is surrounded by love; as she sits encircled by friends, and even sitting alone, the viewer can feel a strong, heavenly, feminine energy exuding through her presence.  Working with director Cole Needham, Lili explains the ideas behind the clip, “We wanted to keep it clean and simple, like a cherry on top of the song.  It accents the story and emotion of love, herself perfectly to me.  I really just wanted to showcase that thing in all of us, what makes us all love and connect to one another.

Lili has been living in LA for two years, working on her craft and growing into her own – and it looks like her work is going to pay off in the form of her debut album later in 2019.  Honest and captivating, Lili describes her journey over the last couple of years, I spent most of the first year in LA  lost and confused.  The second year I stopped relying on people, and made my own way into studios as a writer instead of an artist.  After over six months of writing, I realised I had so much music on my laptop that I could create 10 albums.  So I chose my favourite songs, the ones I really connected to, and I began crafting my debut album.”


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