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Ash Costello From New Year’s Day Talks with Metallicougar about Tour Life and New Music at Rocklahoma

Sometimes interviews are canned and static.  I have been trying for year’s to make artists open up and talk about what’s on their minds in addition to their promotion of music.  Knowing what artists listen to and what they think about makes you feel closer to them and making their music more relatable.  Sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for.

A perfect example is this interview with Ash Costello of New Year’s Day.  They are riding a huge wave of last year’s success and are building their fan base every stop they make.  I have to say Ash is a beautiful person inside and out.  She was utterly charming and just a fun person to be around.  Let us face the fact, festivals are brutal, the schedule, the port a potties, and in this case the heat, all contribute to the moods of artists, but she was having a great time and it was contagious.

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