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Alfie Arcuri releases new single ‘Same’.

Pop Vocalist Alfie Arcuri from Australia is seriously one of our most talented artists. Three years has passed since winning The Voice and since then Alfie has been searching for his true sound self. Alfie has used his time wisely, writing and achieving many things (see below). Alfie tells us in his own words how he was influenced to write this amazing song called ‘Same’.

Same is inspired by my own experiences with love, specifically my first real relationship falling apart, and how I almost immediately attempted to and unsuccessfully replace my ex-boyfriend with a similar variation of him.

Listening and watching the music video to ‘Same’ really highlights the masks that we all put on and how we change into some different after a relationship. The paint is a great way, yes a messy way, of getting the songs point across. 

With the release of ‘Same’ Alfie is ready to what comes next and take it in his stride. My prediction will be that ‘Same’ will be rocket up the charts. It deserves to! Check it out here.




Crowned the winner of The Voice in 2016.
Brand ambassador and spokesperson for Jaguar.
Co-created a short film for the 2019 Mardi Gras Queer Screen.
Written songs for The Voice finalists
Same’ was a finalist in the 2018 Vanda and Young song-writing competition
Wrote the anthem for Marriage Equality ‘Love is Love’ in 2017
Wrote ‘To Myself’ for Eurovision.

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