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HAYL releases new single ‘Feel Again’.

Indie pop artist HAYL has just released her second single called ‘Feel Again’. HAYL has achieved a degree at The University of Mississippi, then worked for the PGA Tour yet gave it up to follow her heart to take a different path that led to music. I am glad that she did as her vocals are amazing and the world deserves to hear them. Just like ‘Wire‘, her debut single, ‘Feel Again’ is emotion fulled. HAYL desires her music to be about “love, hurt, struggle, jealousy, loss, triumph, and so much more because we are all human, well most of us!” Love that! 
‘Feel Again’ was written with Forrest Finn. HAYL really dove deep into her emotions and let them out within 45 mins! ‘Feel Again’ has a great message within the heartbreak of how the heart can be healed. ‘Feel Again’ could have been written directly about a past relationship of mine. Also how my life has turned out now, where I am happier than ever, relates to the song. Anyone that has a broken heart can relate and the song might help heal the heart. 
‘Feel Again’ is a perfect showcase for HAYL’s incredible vocals. With the piano gently playing in the background the main feature, the vocals, are in the spotlight. Take a listen to ‘Feel Again’ to hear these amazing vocals. 
You can listen here

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