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Vevo and James Bay Release Live Performances of “Bad” and “Break My Heart Right”

Not often do I come across vocals that stop me in my tracks. James Bay has the vocal sound that did so. He is able to ace playing the guitar as well and is a talented songwriter. Just listening to James really relaxes me. Although ‘Bad’ is extrinsically sad song it still is still relaxing. If I am in a contemplative mood then I certainly reflect on the personal meaning and even shed some tears. James Bay talent really blows me away. In fact I feel quite speechless when listening to him sing. He really makes me FEEL what he would have been feeling when writing ‘Bad’. Incredible.

Check out Vevo’s release of James Bay’s live performances of “Bad” here. 


ABOUT VEVO: Vevo is the world’s largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners. Vevo connects artists with their audience globally via music videos and original content, working directly with them to find unique ways to bring their music to life visually. Vevo also works with emerging artists, providing them with a platform of global scale and reach, to find and grow their audience. Reaching 26 billion monthly views globally, Vevo has over 350,000 music videos in its catalogue.

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