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Charming Liars – Karnig Manoukian Talks About Latest Offering “ Thought, Flesh and Bone”


Los Angeles based Charming Liars is ready to introduce their audience to the final video in the “Spoon” trilogy, “Time to Start” due on March 1, 2019.  Well, the missing segment of the story would be more accurate.  Truth be told the previous videos, “Like a Drug” and “Insomnia” were more like bookends. Leading you into the story and the final part giving you the “Oh, now I get it.”  Directed by acclaimed director, Phillip Lopez the trilogy has a strong message about moving forward in your life from your past.  It has been submitted, in the short film category, to multiple respected film festivals including Sundance 2019

Guitarist Karnig Manoukian describes their follow up song “Something Dark” as “a blend of electric and rock”.   As we talked more, he offered some insight on the video and why it filmed in New Orleans.  “The aesthetic and energy went with the story we had.  (The) Desolate swamps and energy look and feel perfect.”  It certainly matches with their enthusiasm and spirit.  “Hard rock, big choruses, sing a longs, we love experimenting with different songs and full scores. We aren’t afraid to take extra steps. We always try to write the best we can.  People who like Foo Fighters or Muse, you’ll be open to like these (Referring to their songs).  He spoke about “replacing guitar riffs with trumpet”.  I asked Karnig if they would do full strings.  Half joking half serious, they could do “orchestra renditions of the songs, great for movies”. (I) do the production.  Some one else does the mixing for countless hours”.

Their presence in the play lists of places such as Foot Locker and Rooms To Go retail stores, is almost assuredly going to blast them into the forefront of the music scene.  (Being in Foot Locker) “is a great opportunity to reach a larger, younger demographic.” This group is no stranger to some notable tours, such as their recent tour with Dorothy.  Their previous single “Soul” reached number 40 on the Alternative Radio Charts and the video reached 600,000 views on Youtube.

Karnig has some realistic words for people who have their own perspective of being a touring musician. The best part is playing for 45 minutes.  It’s the least work and most enjoyable”.  Noting that most people think that is the only work musicians do.  “You have to start talking in business decisions and money it forced us to deal with stuff.  (You) still have to look where every dollar is spent (because) you don’t know what’s around the corner. “ I’m sure widespread success is waiting this time.

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