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Music injection is proud to present West Australian hip hop trio of Figuero Jones, Black Napoleon and ErikiBeatz’s (K9INES) newest song called ‘Shakey’.

Following the success of ‘Century’ and ‘Juggathon’ hitting screens Australia wide after being added on MTV Australia’s Call and Response HipHop Show, the trailblazing West Australian hip hop trio of Figuero Jones, Black Napoleon and ErikiBeatz (K9INES) have announced their third music video offering in ‘Shakey’ out now. 

K9INES’s new track ‘Shakey’ really speaks for itself. If you’re in the mood for a more ‘home grown’ blend of braggadocios lyricism and 808’s without the inescapable vocal twain of an Aussie born hip hop artist than I can certainly say this should be one to try out. I certainly wouldn’t use the term original to describe their sound but it is a nice change of pace in the Aussie scene and the grime influence is always a welcomed inspiration from our British allies. Certainly if you want something to bump then I’d say give this a shot. You check out K9INES on Spotify and YouTube and keep up to date on there new video for ‘Shakey’ that you can watch below.  Kit Lindsey.

Just in! ‘Shakey’ will be played on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio onTuesday 6th of August!

After the K9INES success of accumulating over 500 thousand Spotify streams from their newly released ‘Gully SZN’ project alone, the bouncy banger that is ‘Shakey’ is truly brought to life with the assistance of Perth based videographers Sondar Films. The video further displays the trio’s versatility but also exhibits a more playful, wavy vibe that will keep heads nodding and bouncing the whole way through. ‘Gully SZN’ as a whole has seen great success in its short release having been featured on official Spotify Playlist such as ‘AU/NZ’s New Music Fridays’ and ‘The Drip’ as well as Apple Musics ‘Best of The Week’ and ‘The New Australia’. Publications and Radio also have shown overwhelming love and support, being covered by popular media outlets such as RTR FM and Life

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