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Timely Interview With Christina of Kaleido

KaleidoWith all the public focus on depression, suicide and other mental illnesses, Kaleido’s Christina Chriss feels now is the best time to break out their new EP No Rly… I’m Fine.  “I just felt like I was finally ready to share that side that I hadn’t shown, my own personal struggle. We all tend to hide our issues, our mental illness….  It is almost laughed at: People are told to ‘get over it’ – It is so easy for people to dismiss it as a bad day or moment”.

We talked about what is quickly becoming an exacerbating factor in the desire to hide the pain and think that depression should be hidden – the social media factor.  “Everyone posts how great their life is. And how much they have – How great things are”.  We agreed it is so difficult to measure up to what thousands of people in your newsfeed post and how most of it is happy by design.  “High School was a popularity contest.  There were cliques and it was so hard to find a place to fit in.  Now it is on a global scale.  The clique of the internet”.

Kaleido’s new single “Pretending” says much about the fake persona we all have put on at one point or another just to smile to get through the pain without people perceiving how bad the underlying pain might be.  The theme of it being ok to no be ok, is a siren song to the people who suffer in silence.  An outcry of solidarity that is so desperately needed.

Christina plays 100 shows a year on the road and she is no stranger to post tour depression and the self-destructive habits of many who are in the cycle generated by long days and even longer nights without family and friends. Currently over a year sober, Christina is doing well. “We are all creatures of habit.”  She struggles, like many with post tour depression.  Coming home is “a different way of life.  The different nature of the schedules and everyday life (are challenging).” Her family and friends offer much needed support and her prolific writing and performing still keeps her firmly in her creative space, providing an outlet.  She wouldn’t be doing anything else if not for music.  Although, for fun and relaxation, she dives head first into theoretical physics, “I’m a nerd”.

Careful to not get too complacent, Kaleido has just released a new video for “Blood!” and will be playing a local Detroit festival, “Art, Beats and Eats” on Labor Day weekend before playing a few other local headlining dates and some one-off shows on the east coast.  Be looking for them on the road again soon!

Upcoming Live Shows:

Saturday, 8/31 – Arts, Beats and Eats – Royal Oaks, MI

Friday, 10/11 – Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ

Sunday, 10/13 – Midtown Arts Center – Harrisburg, PA


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