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ELKAE releases new single called ‘Conflictus’.

Dublin based electronic soul artist, songwriter and producer ELKAE has her talented hands full, yet is still able write engaging music. She has been named by Hot Press Times “an exciting new force in Irish Music.” I fully agree! She is also renowned for her energetic shows. Genre wise, it is difficult for ELKAE’s sound to slot into on category rather a mix of electronic, soul, pop with a funky edge. Her latest single called ‘Conflictus’ caught my attention due to her unique vocals that are super powerful. Meaning wise it finishes the story played by two previous singles ‘ SOLD’ and ‘I Feel’. ‘Conflictus’, the third song in the trilogy, explores the inner conflict felt when you realise that the dreamer in you has dies and your expectations of the relationship. ELKAE sings about the mindset of a relationship that has run it’s course. Take a listen to ‘Conflictus’ here.

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