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FLAWES release single called ‘Ghost Town ft. ROZES’.

FLAWES is a band that I have shared many times before as I really enjoy listening to their music as it is a mood charger. Their latest single called ‘Ghost Town ft. ROZES’ is no exception. This single features ROZES, a critically acclaimed singer in her own right and she adds extra elements to the song with her incredible vocal sound. ‘Ghost Town explores being in a relationship and only staying in it because it is convenient and not passion filled. A Ghost relationship of sorts. 

JC says this about the song “Ghost Town is about being stuck in a relationship where convenience has been put ahead of love in terms of importance. All the excitement, passion and friendship has expired and the relationship itself left resembling a Ghost Town.”

FLAWES are about to head off on a European Tour with US pop high-flyers AJR. Then Flawes’ debut album ‘Highlights’ will release via Red Bull Records on 31st January 2020. 2019 was a great year but I suspect 2020 is going to be epic for them! 


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Headline Shows

18th October – The Parish, Huddersfield

Live Dates supporting AJR:

03/12/19 – Warsaw, PO

04/12/19  – Berlin, DE

06/12/19 – Antwerp, BE

07/12/19 Paris, FR

08/12/19 – Amsterdam, NL

10/12/19 – London, UK

12/12/19 – Glasgow, UK

13/12/19 – Dublin, IE

14/12/19 – Manchester, UK


Info on their album Highlights’

Their debut album ‘Highlights’ is the musical embodiment of this; the band’s sonic evolution over the years. The result is a collection of the very best of their bolder, sleeker and defiantly uplifting sound, tailor-made for both dancefloors and festival fields.

Speaking of the album, the band said: “Highlights’ represents the journey we’ve taken as a band over the last three years. Our sound has naturally evolved and we couldn’t be happier with where it has ended up. These 12 songs are quite literally the highlights from the writing process.”

On the themes of the album, JC says: “the album features a series of open letters to myself as well as a few songs about love and heartbreak. I like to let the listener attach their own sentiment to the music so a lot of the lyrics are fairly ambiguous.”

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