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Ant Utama releases debut single ‘Brave’.

Photo credit: Alessandro de Matteis

New Zealand singer-songwriter Ant Utama has written a song that is very close to my heart. Being told continually that you can’t do that, you must do this is very relatable. Ant made a name for himself in New Zealand before he decided to head overseas to travel. He recently has settled in Cologne, Germany to concentrate on his music. Ant is a traveller who likes to go off on the beaten track and experience what locals do. He likes to take risks especially when it comes to happiness. I am the same. Ant has an admirable goal of encouraging people to have the courage to go after their dream through his music. His debut single ‘Brave’ certainly does this. 

Ant wrote this song after a difficult phone call from his dad. Coming from a place of love his dad wanted him to settle down and get a job. This was the wish for his family and peers as well. Ant quit his job and left New Zealand. He wrote this song after the phone call to keep his dream alive regardless of the lack of support. Playing this song in Cologne, people would come up to him and say how much they related to the lyrics. These people gave Ant his purpose, to write music to inspire and motivate people to step out of their comfort zone and go after their dreams. 

I adore the song not only for it’s meaning but the clearly talented vocals of Ant and the emotion that he puts in his lyrics. I wish you all the best Ant on your endeavours and your musical adventures. 

A message from Ant….

“This song is dedicated to all of those wonderful brave people who shared their stories with me. Thank you for being you and not settling in life. Thank you for giving me purpose.”


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