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Jamie Sloan releases single ‘How?’.

If you are a follower of blog you are going to think…… Jamie Sloan again? Yep! I honestly adore all of his songs and his latest one is called ‘How?” If you have not heard any of Jamie’s songs you are in for a treat. Jamie is an Irish singer-songwriter that is influenced by soul, hiphop, and blues all mixed together to create his unique sound.Teaching himself to play guitar from YouTube and some old chord books. He joined a local community project and was encouraged to pursue singing as a career. After this he started writing songs influenced by Otis Redding, John Mayer, and Ben Howard. Jamie is about to release his EP ‘No Fairytale Stories’.  His latest single called ‘How?’ has his incredible vocals that are full of meaning. Like many of us, he suffers Anxiety and Depression and it is an ongoing battle. I can relate to this song as I also suffer with mental health issues. Jamie wrote this about ‘How?’ ” I made this song as a reminder to myself and to other that it is something you can overcome, even when it seem like all hope is lost.” 

I am adding this to my playlist that I listen to when feeling that everything is too much. Take a listen to ‘How?’ here. 


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